How to Remember a Lake

Veterans typically have little trouble remembering the names of the various lakes, but here's a simple tip for newbies.

The Lake of Four Seasons is what I like to call the "play lake". Gasoline powered watercraft may ONLY be on this lake in HAH, so it's pretty easy to remember its location and its name, but what about those smaller electric only lakes? Which is which?

Here's a simple acronym to help you remember the names of the lakes starting at the front of the HAH Club and working your way back.

D- Lake Deerfoot
A- Lake Arrowhead
T- Lake Tommahawk
E- Lake Eagle Claw
S- Lake Ski

The next time you're making that drive up Hide-A-Way Hills Lane, you'll know exactly which lake you're passing. My hope is you'll feel it's all old hat to you now!

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hammer head said...

What is the name of the little lake that you see off to the left as you drive out the Bremen Gate?

Belinda Augustus-HER Real Living 740-689-8305 said...

Ah, yes, the fishing pond. An often overlooked HAH amenity. The map has always labeled it just as POND. Inquiring at the Club office this morning, the POND has never actually been named.

With or without a name, the POND does possess an easement around it for the enjoyment of HAH Members.

Shh! For some, the good fishing in that no-named POND is a secret.