Lowe's Discount Program - 10% Savings

Lowe's Discount Program

The Lowe's Discount Program is being offered through exclusive arrangement with the National Association of Realtors and with the compliments of:


Belinda F. Augustus, Real Living HER is offering this cost-free incentive to introduce myself to you and all I ask, in return, is for you to consider my services ....

When Buying your Next Home
I go the extra step to help you find the home of your dreams. With my knowledge of the Hide-A-Way Hills area and my daily updated database of homes, I can can offer you a great knowledge of the community and specifics on all homes in the Hide-A-Way Hills area.

When Selling Your Home
I offer several carefully thought-out marketing programs to help get your home sold faster and for the best price. With my internet marketing skills and with my years of experience and finely-tuned negotiating skills you are always assured of success.

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hammer head said...

How long does the offer last?

Belinda Augustus-Real Living HER 740-689-8305 said...

Sorry for the delay. I wanted to verify the information with Lowes.

Your Lowes Certificate is valid for 45 days after I place your order. I typically place your order within 24 hours or less from the time you request your participation in the Lowes Discount Program.

I have also requested that Lowes send you a complimentary DVD with tips about preparing a home for sale including staging tips. I hope you enjoy!

hammer head said...

I got my Lowes dicount certificate today in the mail along with an interesting dvd on how to prepare my home for sale. thanks