Hide-A-Way Hills 2006 Home Sales Analysis

Hide-A-Way Hills transfers ranged from a cabin shell selling for $20,500 to a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1,872 square foot home with no garage on the Lake of Four Seasons selling for $395,000.

The average home was listed at $178,597 and contained 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, and 1,826 square feet. This average home sold for $165,959 and took 160 days to sell.

The median listing was a 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 2,240 square foot home with no garage which was listed for $159,900 and sold for $159,000 in 23 days.

Interesting stats included:

  • 32% of all tranfers included at least a 1 car garage while the average of those homes containing a garage were more likely to have a 2 car garage.

  • 29% of sales were homes containing 1,000 square feet or less while only 13% of the transfers were for homes containing over 3,000 squre feet.

  • 18% of the home transfers were lake front homes.

  • Average square foot cost for transfers in HAH equals $90.89. (Remember this figure is often irrelevant because of age, quality, condition and lot location.)

  • 66% of tranfers involved a Real Living HER Agent while 40% of ALL HAH home transfers involved myself, Belinda F. Augustus.

For a quick overview of housing variety in Hide-A-Way Hills, be sure to see my previous post, Hide-A-Way Hills Diversity in Housing Age, Size and Style, 2-8-07.

While these stats provide a bird's eye view into HAH transfer records, each individual sale involved various circumstances effecting the final sales price. Please CONTACT ME for a full analysis of the above information.

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