Hide-A-Way Hills - Diversity in Housing Age, Size and Style

Hide-A-Way Hills community contains a very eclectic range of homes from $500K lake front homes to $27,000 "probably best to shove it over the hill" cabins.

The Hide-A-Way Hills community has a long history of over 40 years of building with new builds still going in every year. As a result of the community's age and continued building, Hide-A-Way Hills hosts a large variety of homes not only in the year of the builds, but also in style, size, and design. In Hide-A-Way Hills, one may find vinyl sided suburban styled homes to rustic cabin styled retreats with no drywall. We have new. We have old. We have Big. We have small. We have square. We have round. We have octagons, and we even have a shingled dome home. Some residences are prepared to be occupied full time while some homes are used only part of the year. Homes may range from lake front properties with 0 bedrooms and 2 baths valued at well over $300K, to homes with 4 bedrooms, 2 baths that could be valued in the $100K range.

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A microcosm of building trends over the years, Hide-A-Way Hills prospects have numerous choices rarely found in most area neighborhoods. Contact me TODAY, to start your Hide-A-Way Hills search for the specific style and design that's sure to meet your housing desires.

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