Hide-A-Way Hills, Ohio – Belinda Augustus with Gorsuch Realty has been awarded the National Association of REALTORS®’ [NAR’s] Green Designation, the only green real estate professional designation recognized by NAR.
 Augustus achieved this prestigious designation after completing 18 hours of course work designed specifically for REALTORS®.  The courses were created in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of industry experts from across the country; ensuring designees gain comprehensive knowledge of green homes and buildings and issues of sustainability in relation to real estate.
More specifically, Augustus was trained in understanding what makes a property green, helping clients evaluate the cost/benefits of green building features and practices, distinguishing between industry rating and classification systems, listing and marketing green homes and buildings, discussing the financial grants and incentives available to homeowners, and helping consumers see a property’s green potential.
Living green is about making healthy choices that are also easy on your wallet. NAR Green Designees have the necessary resources & relationships to effectively work with you on your next green project.” said Kristen Short, Executive Director of NAR’s Green Designation.  NAR’s Green Designation was developed in response to growing consumer awareness of the benefits of resource-efficient homes and buildings. The designation helps consumers who care about energy efficiency and sustainable building practices identify REALTORS® who can help them realize their green real estate and lifestyle goals.
As an NAR Green Designee, Belinda has gained the knowledge and the tools necessary to become a trusted green resource for Fairfield and Hocking County For more information about Belinda Augustus, please visit or e-mail

For more information about NAR’s Green Designation, visit


How Large are Hide-A-Way Hills Lakes

Hide-A-Way Hills Members have access to 5 different lakes ranging in various sizes and depths.

Lake of the Four Seasons - 100 Acres - Depth 42'
Lake Deerfoot - 2 Acres - Depth 17'
Lake Arrowhead - 2.3 Acres - Depth 23'
Lake Tomahawk - 2.6 Acres - Depth 42'
Lake Eagle Claw - 11.8 Acres - Depth 47'
Lake Ski - .75 Acre


Hide-A-Way Hills New Member Fee? What's that all about?

 What is a New Member?
Seems pretty obvious, but a New Member is anybody who is closing on a property that is not a current Member, nor has been a Member within the last 24 months.  If a client has been a Member in the past two years, but is not a current Member, they would still not be assessed a New Member Fee at closing.  To qualify as a current Member, the names held in title of the property being purchased MUST be the same as the property currently owned.  An example would be if two Members decided to form an L.L.C. and purchase another property.  While both officers of the L.L.C. may be current Members, the L.L.C. is not, and would be assessed a New Member Fee per the Hide-A-Way Hills Code of Regulations.

     How much is the New Member Fee?
The New Member Fee is equal to 24 months of monthly assessments, road fees, plus whatever current special assessments might be in place. The current Hide-A-Way Hills New Member Fee currently through 12-31-2013 is equal  to $4,119.04.

     Is there a way to get a waiver for the fee?
The short answer is no. The fee must be paid to Hide-A-Way Hills at closing. However, like with closing costs, cosmetic allowances, or lender points, the fee could be negotiated with a Seller.  Let's be realistic here though, a Seller is often only interested in their bottom line. In other words, what does their check look like at the end of day when walking away from the closing table?  If a Buyer was to request a Seller to pay the New Member Fee, that Buyer would pay more for the home than if they did not request the fee to paid by the Seller

     Where does that New Member Fee go, and why do they have one?
Talking realistically, it's a revenue generator for Hide-A-Way Hills. New Member Fees are placed in the Club's Amenities Improvement Fund (50%), Road Fund (10%), and General Fund (40%).   New Members are helping to provide for the future improvements of Hide-A-Way Hills Club's current amenities.

Printable Hide-A-Way Hills Assessments Rates and Fees

Interested in receiving a tour of Hide-A-Way Hills, feel free to give me call.  While much information is provided online, there is nothing like seeing the community for yourself with a current full time Member of more than 13 years. 


Driving Map of Hide-A-Way Hills, Ohio

Below is a driving map of Hide-A-Way Hills. Click on the map to enlarge. This map is a copy of the maps that are given to guests by Security when entering Hide-A-Way Hills, Ohio

Remember, Hide-A-Way Hills is a gated community and will require an appointment with a Member or licensed Real Estate agent.

Schedule ahead and don't get turned away at the gates.


My Top 10 Favorite Things about Hide-A-Way Hills, Ohio in the Fall

10 Probably the most obvious, but the dynamic orange, red, and yellow colors exhibited in the trees can not go without mention. Hide-A-Way Hills actually glows with such colors in the Fall.

9 The Annual Hills Cup A new tradition but a favorite just the same. The Cup is decided by a match play tournament between Windy Hills Golf Course and Hide-A-Way Hills Golf Club.

8 New visitors to my bird feeders. I typically only set out bird seed during the colder months. October starts my winter tradition.

7 Picking up gallons of Apple Cider at the Laureville Fruit Company If you are a cider fan, Laurelville is definitely the place to go. While many ciders take on a cloudy appearance, Laurelville Fruit Company's cider is as clear as apple juice. Once you drink Lauerville's cider, you'll wonder what exactly it is they are selling at the grocery.

6 The Annual Boo at the Barn for families - This year's Boo is being held on October 29 @ 5:00. Includes Haunted Barn, and Candy.

5 The Annual Hide-A-Way Hills Adult Halloween Party at the Lodge Need I say more. Members come in costume and dance the night away with a guest DJ.

4 Bonfires with friends. Fall is the time for Hide-A-Way Hills residents to gather for various occasions around a bonfire. HAH rules require a fire permit.

3 The reflections of the golden trees along Lake Arrowhead. While driving by Lake Arrowhead daily, it's always such a site to view the trees reflecting on the calm water. By far, one of my favs.

2 The sweet smell of the forest with the leaves scattered all over the forest floor. It's a different smell that only can be attributed to the forest in the Fall. I assume it's the decay process. Although rotting leaves sounds nasty, the sweet smell of the forest is unforgettable.

1 OSU Football games at the Golf Course Clubhouse and Pavilion. While Hide-A-Way Hills is an hour south of Columbus, HAH can be considered to be Buckeye territory. Games are shown both in the Clubhouse and outside at the Clubhouse Pavilion. If you wish to bring your own drinks and food, the Pavilion is a great spot to watch the game. Alcohol can be purchased for dine-in only inside the Clubhouse. Food is also available for both dine-in or carry out. It's always nice to gather with friends and neighbors to root on the team to victory, or in the least, have friends with which to commiserate should the rare defeat occur.


Quick Fall Tips to Help Prepare your Home for Winter

Check the gutters and downspouts: Are they unclogged and free of litter? Are the joints tight? Are extenders and splash blocks under the downspouts? Any leaves in the roof valleys?

Check for tree branches overhanging roofs.

See if the septic tank needs pumping out.

Assess your back yard for winter: Is the BBQ put away and covered? Are lawn and garden tools stored in the shed or garage? Has the lawn furniture been winterized? Make sure there's room in the garage for your car(s). Have hose bib covers handy for a freeze. Check the nooks and crannies for snakes, and spiders that will be looking for winter warmth.

Check windows: Are they tightly caulked? Have window screens been removed and cleaned? Is your weather stripping tight?

Have something handy to de-ice walkways and steps.

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FREE Book Swap for Hide-A-Way Hills Members

The bookshelves are up in the post office at the front gate and they are loaded with books for people to use. Members are welcome to take books and leave others, but please do not leave books if there is not room on the shelves for them.

Childrens' books are welcomed!! Children must be supervised by a parent when they are looking for a book.

Also, if a book is found on the floor PLEASE put it back on the shelves. Members should report any vandalism to Security immediately.


Hide-A-Way Hills Lodge Manager Sauces it Up! - Zapico Food

While working to serve the Members of the Hide-A-Way Hills Community, Lodge Manager, Michael Hermick, stocks his homemade sauces on area grocer's shelves allowing his fans to cook up some of his menu at home. One of those sauces is a marinara made from a 100-year-old recipe Hermick’s great-grandmother brought over from Italy.  Good Stuff!

Read more:

Local Foods: Zapico Foods

The Lodge at Hide-A-Way Hills


Quick Pic - Photo 2 from a Trail Camera ( Cougar or a Bobcat?)

Here's a second photo from the trail camera I mentioned in yesterday's blog post. There is some discussion about what we call this beautiful creature, cougar or a bobcat? Care to chime in?


Quick Pic - Coyote

A couple of years ago, I was able to help a client purchase a previous Sunday Creek Coal Company tract near Wayne National Forest. Making the most of the property, they have trail cameras set up around the parcel.  Here's just one of their recent visitors.