Hide-A-Way Hills Retains the Hills Cup!


The Hills Cup is a match play event pitting 12 of Windy Hills Golf Club's best players against 12 of Hide-A-Way Hills Golf Club's players in a scratch match play format.

Sunday September 30 the 2nd annual Hills Cup Tournament was played. In the morning, matches began at Windy Hills Golf Course in Rockbridge. Windy Hills won 9½ points while Hide-A-Way Hills only came away with 2½. At start of the afternoon when play changed to H-A-H Golf Course, the H-A-H team found itself with an almost insurmountable task of needing to score 9½ points to retain the trophy. In a stunning upset, the H-A-H team won 9 and tied 2 of the 12 matches to score a win of 12½ to 11 ½ and score their second victory in the short two year history of this event.

Players for the Hide-A-Way Hills team were Greg Brown, Joe Gillespie, Joe Hibbler, Scott Martin, Tom Mckahan, Jim Mcnabb, Bill Mcnulty, Rob Milburn,
Bob Mtjoy, Steve Petros, Jason Walters, and Jim Whitt. They were led by their Captain, Nick Paniccia.

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Players for the Windy Hills team were Taylor Junge, Brian Hughes, Chad Slack, Brian Enderly, Rick Dane, Cullon Rutter, Grant Carter, Same Eggleston, Cole Huffman, JR Yates, Ron Fannon, and Time Pitts. They were led by their Captain, Larry Gerstner.

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