Hide-A-Way Hills New Member Fee? What's that all about?

 What is a New Member?
Seems pretty obvious, but a New Member is anybody who is closing on a property that is not a current Member, nor has been a Member within the last 24 months.  If a client has been a Member in the past two years, but is not a current Member, they would still not be assessed a New Member Fee at closing.  To qualify as a current Member, the names held in title of the property being purchased MUST be the same as the property currently owned.  An example would be if two Members decided to form an L.L.C. and purchase another property.  While both officers of the L.L.C. may be current Members, the L.L.C. is not, and would be assessed a New Member Fee per the Hide-A-Way Hills Code of Regulations.

     How much is the New Member Fee?
The New Member Fee is equal to 24 months of monthly assessments, road fees, plus whatever current special assessments might be in place. The current Hide-A-Way Hills New Member Fee currently through 12-31-2013 is equal  to $4,119.04.

     Is there a way to get a waiver for the fee?
The short answer is no. The fee must be paid to Hide-A-Way Hills at closing. However, like with closing costs, cosmetic allowances, or lender points, the fee could be negotiated with a Seller.  Let's be realistic here though, a Seller is often only interested in their bottom line. In other words, what does their check look like at the end of day when walking away from the closing table?  If a Buyer was to request a Seller to pay the New Member Fee, that Buyer would pay more for the home than if they did not request the fee to paid by the Seller

     Where does that New Member Fee go, and why do they have one?
Talking realistically, it's a revenue generator for Hide-A-Way Hills. New Member Fees are placed in the Club's Amenities Improvement Fund (50%), Road Fund (10%), and General Fund (40%).   New Members are helping to provide for the future improvements of Hide-A-Way Hills Club's current amenities.

Printable Hide-A-Way Hills Assessments Rates and Fees

Interested in receiving a tour of Hide-A-Way Hills, feel free to give me call.  While much information is provided online, there is nothing like seeing the community for yourself with a current full time Member of more than 13 years.