Quick Fall Tips to Help Prepare your Home for Winter

Check the gutters and downspouts: Are they unclogged and free of litter? Are the joints tight? Are extenders and splash blocks under the downspouts? Any leaves in the roof valleys?

Check for tree branches overhanging roofs.

See if the septic tank needs pumping out.

Assess your back yard for winter: Is the BBQ put away and covered? Are lawn and garden tools stored in the shed or garage? Has the lawn furniture been winterized? Make sure there's room in the garage for your car(s). Have hose bib covers handy for a freeze. Check the nooks and crannies for snakes, and spiders that will be looking for winter warmth.

Check windows: Are they tightly caulked? Have window screens been removed and cleaned? Is your weather stripping tight?

Have something handy to de-ice walkways and steps.

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