My Top 10 Favorite Things about Hide-A-Way Hills, Ohio in the Fall

10 Probably the most obvious, but the dynamic orange, red, and yellow colors exhibited in the trees can not go without mention. Hide-A-Way Hills actually glows with such colors in the Fall.

9 The Annual Hills Cup A new tradition but a favorite just the same. The Cup is decided by a match play tournament between Windy Hills Golf Course and Hide-A-Way Hills Golf Club.

8 New visitors to my bird feeders. I typically only set out bird seed during the colder months. October starts my winter tradition.

7 Picking up gallons of Apple Cider at the Laureville Fruit Company If you are a cider fan, Laurelville is definitely the place to go. While many ciders take on a cloudy appearance, Laurelville Fruit Company's cider is as clear as apple juice. Once you drink Lauerville's cider, you'll wonder what exactly it is they are selling at the grocery.

6 The Annual Boo at the Barn for families - This year's Boo is being held on October 29 @ 5:00. Includes Haunted Barn, and Candy.

5 The Annual Hide-A-Way Hills Adult Halloween Party at the Lodge Need I say more. Members come in costume and dance the night away with a guest DJ.

4 Bonfires with friends. Fall is the time for Hide-A-Way Hills residents to gather for various occasions around a bonfire. HAH rules require a fire permit.

3 The reflections of the golden trees along Lake Arrowhead. While driving by Lake Arrowhead daily, it's always such a site to view the trees reflecting on the calm water. By far, one of my favs.

2 The sweet smell of the forest with the leaves scattered all over the forest floor. It's a different smell that only can be attributed to the forest in the Fall. I assume it's the decay process. Although rotting leaves sounds nasty, the sweet smell of the forest is unforgettable.

1 OSU Football games at the Golf Course Clubhouse and Pavilion. While Hide-A-Way Hills is an hour south of Columbus, HAH can be considered to be Buckeye territory. Games are shown both in the Clubhouse and outside at the Clubhouse Pavilion. If you wish to bring your own drinks and food, the Pavilion is a great spot to watch the game. Alcohol can be purchased for dine-in only inside the Clubhouse. Food is also available for both dine-in or carry out. It's always nice to gather with friends and neighbors to root on the team to victory, or in the least, have friends with which to commiserate should the rare defeat occur.