Mail and Package Delivery in Hide-A-Way Hills

US MAIL SERVICE, UPS, FED-EX nor any other delivery services make deliveries to individual homes in the Hills. Not to worry. . .

UPS, FED-EX nor any other delivery services including florist make deliveries into the Hills other than appliances, furniture, building supplies and such. Security will log all packages and sign with the carrier. Security will store the items under shelter for 72 hours after phone calls are made to inform the Member of any package arrival. Packages should be picked up or contact made with Security within 72 hours of notification.

To assure proper delivery, packages should be addressed as:

Your Name
Your Lot Number
29042 Hide-A-Way Hills Road
Sugar Grove, OH 43155

US Mail Service also does not deliver mail to individual homes, but rather to 3 postal areas located through out the community.

To receive mail at Hide-A-Way Hills you will need to register with the Sugar Grove or Bremen Post Office. This choice is purely an individual's and is not assigned based on addresses. The choice is typically based on the location which you wish to receive your mail. All mail is assigned rural route boxes, not to be confused with PO Boxes, for delivery. Packages are able to be secured out of the weather and in on-site lockers until you are able to pick them up.


Anonymous said...

Unless you know for sure the package you are mailing is coming UPS or FedEX you should not use the address given here.

The Post Office requires you to use your Box number. To sort it correct and have no delays.

Post Office always delivers to the address above the city. Or is supposed to.

The PO has different people delivering mail it is not always the same person so they may not have your box number memorized to your name

To be a 100% safe and cover all the bases no matter who brings it, USPS or UPS or FedEx.

Your Name
Lot #
29042 Hide-Away-Hill Rd Box 512
Sugar Grove Ohio 43155