De-Cluttering Advice

Those who know me intimately are aware that I am constantly struggling with organizational skills and clutter control. I tend to believe that less is more such as less junk is more space. But HOW does one keep the junk under control?

Over the years, I have tried numerous organizational systems only to fall behind after just a few months. I thought I'd share a few of my favorite resources that I often rely upon to get my home, files, and life somewhat organized.

I hope you enjoy!

Clutter Control Freak Blog
While this Blog is sponsored by Stacks and Stacks and promotes the sale of organizational items, I find the personal stories, tips, advice, and ideas helpful when talking about the task of clutter control.

Fly Lady
I first ran across the Fly Lady many years ago when Home Educating my children. Fly Lady followers can register to receive free daily FlyLady email reminders to help develop routines and habits that will help get housework and clutter under control. While first developed for stay at home mothers, Fly Lady has evolved to develop entire areas dedicated to the Working Woman, Body Clutter, Holiday Stress Free Zones, Teacher Tips, and even has tips to help you methodically prepare your home for sale. Housework done incorrectly still blesses my family, I can do ANYTHING for 15 minutes, Baby Steps, Shiny Sinks, and the 27 Fling Room Boogie, are just a few of my favorites teachings espoused by the FlyLady.

Clutter's Last Stand - Don Aslett
While there are infinite numbers of books written on the topic of de-cluttering your home, Don's book takes a different route by instructing readers on how to de-clutter the behaviors that lead to the clutter. Tough medicine for many since Mr. Aslett details those behaviours that are self defeating in the battle against clutter including the advice of de-cluttering people from our lives who tend to suck the energy right out of us.