Hide-A-Way Hills Basic Golf Course Info/Score Card

Hide-A-Way Hills Golf Course is one of our most popular amenities. If only looking at the score card one would think that it would be a very easy course on which to play. After all , it's only 2,344 yards long which is about 550 yards shorter than the average course. The longest par 4 is only 340 yards. 340 would more than likely be the shortest at various other courses.

However, once you tee it up, you'll find you're on one of the most challenging "short courses" in Central Ohio. A player will experience sloped fairways where a ball is often either drastically above or below your feet, while the crowned greens allow players very few straight putts. Because of these challenges, many say you can play day after day never having to hit the same shot twice.

Members of Hide-A-Way Hills do not pay any greens fees to golf and tee times are not necessary.

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Emerson said...

Is there open golf all the time duing the season, or are there leagues?

Belinda Augustus-Real Living HER 740-689-8305 said...

Yes, Hide-A-Way Hills does have leagues and tournament play in which the course would be closed to open play. In the past, Monday and Wednesday evenings are reserved for league play along with Thursday mornings. The Tournament Schedule is always posted long before the season's start, so Members know which days and hours the course may be closed for a special event and can plan accordingly. Of course, all events are open to Members, so one would be encouraged to not think of the course as closed, but rather just another opportunity to join in on the fun.