Sunday Scrambles Receive Shot-Gun Starts

After a couple of years of trials with Sunday morning scrambles. . .

the Hide-A-Way Hills Board of Trustees approves a shot gun start.

The current "impromptu" Sunday morning scrambles will now have the ability to shot gun their starts so that all players may begin simultaneously on the various holes. While this approval will allow all players to start at the same time, it will also clear the course quicker allowing other golfers use of the course sooner.

Scramble players are drawn in an effort to evenly match teams keeping the focus on golf fun, so scambles are not only for the serious golfer. Members and their guests are always welcome to join in on the fun with the Sunday morning "impromptu" crowd. Currently the group meets at 10:00 until the opening of the clubhouse. At that time, Scrambles will begin at 9:00.

Out of courtesy, if any member should choose not to participate, and begin a game before the start of the Scramble, participants in the Scramble will leave one hole open in front of the players.