Volunteer Committee Members Provide the Foundation in Hide-A-Way Hills

In an earlier post entitled, Volunteers-From the Top Down, I shared a brief look at the governing process in Hide-A-Way Hills, and how Members are appointed to manage the day to day operations of the community. While our board possesses a diverse amount of knowledge, nine people alone will often fall short of the expertise, passion, and dedication to oversee, maintain and improve such a wide variety of amenities.

The solution?


Through Board recognized committees, volunteers help plan events, organize improvements, and offer suggestions to the Board of Trustees through possible budget requests. While committees are typically created to help manage an amenity, they also have been formed to deal with any problem or project. Committees have been created in the past for the researching of ideas, to organize social functions, to decorate the amenities, and to lend a hand in the clean up and organization of common areas.

Volunteer committee members are the backbone of our community. Their efforts add great value in both their intangible spirit along with their tangible community improvements.

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