Quick Pics Wildlife - Baby Ground Hog

With the coming of spring and summer, baby animals are popping up everywhere. This little guy was scared off a deck up into a tree, then photographed as it watched the people below.


hammer head said...

The baby animals sure are popping up everywhere. Just Sunday a baby deer got stuck in the water under a dock on the Lake of the Four Seasons. When the owner tried to help, the mother chased him off and freed the fawn herself.

Belinda Augustus-Real Living HER 740-689-8305 said...

Just last week, I was showing a cabin in the Hills when the clients began to get all excited. I couldn't see what was engaging them at first, but they quickly pointed out to me a small fawn still with all its spots right below our feet off of the back deck. The baby let us get within 20 feet as we proceeded to our vehicle. We choose to hang back for fear mamma was near by. You could tell this innocent was most likely born in the Hills as the fawn had little fear of us.