Dazzle Buyers With the Laundry Room

Don't forget about the laundry room when you try to sell a home. After all, it may give home sellers a competitive advantage, says Sid Davis, author of Home Makeovers That Sell (AMACOM, 2007).

"Sometimes the laundry room will do it," Davis says in attracting buyers. "It's the wow factor that can get you full price for a home."

Even simple, inexpensive changes can make the laundry room more appealing, he says.

California interior designer Jackie Terrell, whose laundry room was featured in House Beautiful magazine, offers the following suggestions for making the room less cluttered and more comfortable.

* Brighten things up. Paint the walls a bright color. Colorful walls help make up for any lack of natural light. Spot, recessed, and pendant lighting fixtures also can lighten murky spaces.

* Make good use of space. Installing cabinets and a built-in ironing board make the room more functional. Installing a countertop over frontloading appliances creates a space for folding clothes.

* Add carpeting. If the room is chilly, carpeting will warm it up.

* Hang some art. Artwork underscores the idea that the laundry room is not just a storage space for your dirty clothes, but it can be an attractive space.

Source: The Denver Post, Sheba R. Wheeler (07/07/07)