The Importance of a Nose!

Experts say home sellers need to be concerned about odors.

"Sales associates polled informally by REALTOR® Magazine Online a few years ago said the lingering presence of pets, tobacco, mildew, and decay in the air are major deal-breakers."

While it is often reported that people become accustommed to smells, it's important to ask another who does not reside in the home.

If buyers "can't imagine clearing the smell, they can't imagine occupying that space." The smell of cat urine is especially difficult to remove, Spot-cleaning carpets and replacing the carpet pad would cost home buyers upwards of $400; removing and replacing saturated floors would cost much more. It often takes three cleanings to remove nicotine odors from walls, and some cases may involve the replacement of insulation.

Source: Washington Post, Dina ElBoghdady (06/23/07)