Stamped Concrete - Patio Alternatives

If you're thinking of building a patio, but aren't quite sure if you can afford it, you may want to consider a stamped concrete patio. Stamped concrete is concrete colored, patterned and/or textured to resemble brick, slate, stone, flagstone, tile and wood. It's a popular material choice among patio builders for several reasons:


*As I mentioned above, stamped concrete can be colored, patterned and/or textured to look like other textures and materials.

*There are many patterns to choose from including stone, brick, slate, tile and even wood planking and fossilized sea life.

*Stamped concrete is very cost-effective. You can often find it for one-third less the price of natural materials.

*When installed by experienced craftsmen, you can barely tell the difference between stamped concrete and real brick or stone.

*Stamped concrete is very durable and resistant to various types of weather.

*You won't have weeds growing or ant hills forming because there are no joints or cracks in the material.

*You can reseal it yourself.

If you decide to go with stamped concrete, there are a few things to remember. First, it should be resealed every two or three years. If not, the color may fade. However, when resealed, it's just like waxing a car because it looks brand new when you're finished. And second, I do recommend having it installed by a professional in order to get the results you're looking for.

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Source: Real Living August Customer Newsletter