Kitchen Design Tips

Whether it's entertaining guests or enjoying time with family and friends, the kitchen is an area of your home where you will spend a lot of time. It should be functional yet comfortable at the same time. Below are tips on how to make your kitchen your favorite place to hang out.

Triangle vs. Stations
In years past, many insisted on every kitchen abiding by the triangle rule, where the sink, range and refrigerator formed an imaginary triangle. Today, more people are opting for work stations, which are meant for specific duties including food preparation, cleaning and storage. Whether it's individual stations or a triangle pattern, choose a layout that fits you.

When picking out cabinets, keep in mind how your space will be used, the size of your room and the style of your home. Choose cabinets that will meet all your needs whether it's storage, entertaining, etc. Also choose cabinets that are appropriately sized for your room as well as match your home's style and feel. Remember, be creative — adding wine racks or glass inserts can increase your kitchen's charm.

Countertops are a great area to add color and interest to your kitchen. With options like quartz and concrete, your creativity is endless. Keep in mind the pros and cons of each product. For example, granite is heat resistant and beautiful, but can be expensive. Other products that are less expensive, such as laminate, may chip and scratch over time. Take your time and shop around.

When it comes to flooring, you want to choose a product that's both attractive and durable. Kitchen floors have to withstand liquid spills, heavy foot traffic and more. Choose a product that's easily cleaned and can stand the test of time.

Lighting is an important aspect of a kitchen. While one overhead light might do, try incorporating different styles for added interest. Combine under-cabinet lighting for accenting with recessed lighting to illuminate a workspace. Decorative lighting such as pendant fixtures and sconces are also a great addition to any kitchen.

Remember to be creative when designing your kitchen and make the space an area you'll enjoy for years to come.

SOURCE: Real Living HER September Customer Newsletter