ODOT Driver Warning - Deer

On September 28, Ohio Department of Transportation issued an internet press release which warns of the dangers of Deer during the winter months. To summarize, incidence of accidents involving deer increase dramatically during the winter months. During this period, deer are more active preparing for winter, as well as mating.

As many know, the deer in Hide-A-Way Hills are not afraid of cars, people, or many domesticated animals. Be sure to take care while driving during periods deer are most active, between dusk and daylight, as hitting a deer will certainly mess up your day.

ODOT Offers the Following Tips for Driving;

- Watch for deer-crossing signs and drive with extreme caution, especially in posted areas.

- If you see a deer near the road, expect that others will follow.

- Watch for deer near roadways especially at dawn and after sunset. About 20 percent of these crashes occur in early morning, while over half occur between 5 p.m. and midnight.

- After dark, use high-beams when there isn’t oncoming traffic. This will illuminate deer eyes, allowing more time to react.

- Always wear safety belts, and drive at safe, sensible speeds for road conditions.

For more information:
Ohio Department of Transportation Internet Press Release