Organzing The Garage

Whether preparing a home for sale, or you're just looking for ideas to help organize the garagage space, here's some quick tips on grouping your garage from Real Living HER's latest October Customer Newsletter.
Vertical Space
The great thing about garages is the amount of vertical space you can use. Install peg boards with various sizes of hooks to hang everything from gardening tools to tennis racquets. To brighten up your garage, try painting the peg boards a vibrant color. Another option for using wall space is mounted channeled panels. These sleek panels can be screwed into the walls and hooks slide easily in for a very sturdy solution for hanging objects. Also, install shelving on an opposite wall to hold bulky objects that won't fit on hooks.

The Tool Bench
If you have a workbench with extra cabinets underneath, you've already got a great place for storing your tools. Utilize the space above by mounting magnetic strips that can hold smaller metal tools or tool attachments right at eye level. Fasten a metal ruler onto the bench for quick measurements, and screw jar lids underneath shelving. Use those hanging jars for easy access to nails, screws and other small objects.

Look Up
Don't forget the space over your head. The ceiling is a great place to store larger objects you won't be using in the winter. Install sturdy hooks on the ceiling for hanging ladders or bicycles. Just make sure they're out of the way of your vehicles or other expensive objects, just in case something should fall.

Add Some Space
Finally, think about storing your expensive lawn mowers, leaf blowers and hedge cutters in a separate outdoor shed or locker. It will be a worthy investment that will keep your garage less cluttered, your machinery safe and will also lock dangerous tools away from children.

Remember, your garage is another room in your home. Even if guests won't see it, keep it organized and you'll save yourself time and potential headaches.