Sewage System Rule Update

Sewage System Rule update...

Pursuant to House Bill 119, which made changes to Ohio’s recently enacted Household Sewage Treatment System rules, the Ohio Department of Health has released the first of two reports for the Ohio General Assembly.

Contained in the reports are the Department’s analyses of the current state of septic systems in Ohio, including cost and annualized operation and maintenance cost by type of system. They also report on installation cost broken out by the various regions of the state; by type of system installed; make comparisons to surrounding states; and report on the impact on lower income households. Most importantly the report contains the recommendations of the Ohio Department of Health for changes to the 2007 rules.

Ohio Department of Health Report (.pdf document) ... Sewage System Fact Sheet (.pdf document)

County Households & Poverty Statistics (Excel document) ... Local Health Department Rule Survey (Excel document)

Source: Ohio Association on Realtors