Spring Peepers

If you've been in Hide-A-Way Hills around dusk, you've been serenaded by the Spring Peeper!

Spring Peepers begin to sing mid March to April, depending on the weather. They are typically found in and around lakes, streams, and ponds with overhanging brush. Around this time of year, July to August, the peeper tadpoles have grown up and are ready to begin their lives as frogs.

This peeper was captured on film by an avid HAHblog Reader! Keep your eyes peeled and you camera's ready, your photo could be featured on HAHBlog!

Spring Peeper Fun Fact

Did you know that Spring Peepers spend the winter in a semi-frozen state buried beneath dirt, leaves, and logs? The Spring Peeper uses glucose, a type of sugar, as an anti-freeze to keep their lungs, heart, and other vital organs alive and well as they weather the winter.