Calcutta Tournament

This weekend southern Ohio was ravaged with the remnants of Hurricane Ike, leaving hundreds of thousands of residents without power. Sunday, during the brunt of the wind, 48 men and women competed for thousands of dollars in the Annual Hide-A-Way Hills Calcutta Tournament.

First Place: Team 6A
Captain Rob Milburn
Scott Martin
Sherry McNamer
Steve Henry

Second Place: Team 8B
Captain Steve Petros
Curt Garner
Terry Lariccia
Stan Durham

Third Place: Team 9B
Captain Bert Rollings
Greg Paniccia
Paul Bauer
Mike Adams

Fourth Place: Team 3A
Captain Greg Brown
Bill Nutter
Elaine Garver
Suzi Vincent

Fifth Place: Team 8B
Captain Jim Nobles
Jim Whitt
John Smith
Debbie Routt

Congratulations to all who participated!