Hide-A-Way Hills, Ohio - Severe Weather Emergency Supply List

Being held up in the Hills can actually be a nice break from the hustle and bustle of life provided you're well prepared. This emergency list should help prepare either a cabin or home in Hide-A-Way Hills should severe whether hit.

. Flashlight with fresh batteries
. Radio with fresh batteries
. Candles and holders
. Blankets
. Matches
. Wind-up clock
. Firewood and kindling
. Manual can opener
. Charcoal grill with charcoal
. Paper plates and plastic utensils
. Lighter
. Bottled water
. Nonperishable food
. Cards, board games, puzzles and the like.
. Extra batteries
. A bucket (Without power, there's no toilet flushing. You don't have to use the bucket, just use the bucket for water to flush any toilets.)
. And my favorite, a bottle of wine. Your Choice!

Of course, many full timers have broken down and purchased a generator with many of those homes having them hard wired for convenience. South Central Power and a local contractor should be able to answer questions related to hard wired generators.


Hammer Head said...

What ever you do, do not use the charcoal grill inside, the carbon monoxide is extremely dangerous.