4th Quarter 2008 Hide-A-Way Hills, Ohio Home Sales Report

UPDATE: A new sale was recorded on 1-20-2008 for December of 08 and is not included in the information below. 168 Shawnee - 2BR/2BA, 1,637SF, List Price: 147,500 Sales Price: 139,400 *Note: Originally listed at 16,500, lot 268 Shawnee was included with the sale of 168 Shawnee. Listing and Selling Agent: Janice Palmer, Carelton Realty.

5 homes were recorded as sold in the 4th quarter of 2008 for Hide-A-Way Hills, Ohio. These sale numbers were 75% lower than the number of homes sold in the 3rd quarter of this year and are about 50% behind 4th Quarter 2007 numbers. This quarter numbers are consistent with 4th Quarter 2006 sales levels.

Home prices ranged from $121,000 for a 3BR/2BA home to $385,900 for a 2BR/3BA waterfront home. Average sales price was $232,800. This is a 52% increase over the average sale's price in the 3rd quarter along with a doubling of the average home sale's price in the 4th quarter 2007. Median sales price was $210,000.

Days on market ranged from 4 to 665 days with an average of 308 days which is about 3 months above last year's average of 201 days. My personal average for days on market for my 4th quarter sales was 323 days.

This quarter saw two lakefront homes sell. One home sold at $385,900 on the Lake of Four Seasons for a 2BR/3BA and took 641 days to sell. A second lakefront home was sold for $210,00 on Lake Eagle Claw for a 3BR/2BA home. This home sold in 4 days.

Off the lake, single sales occurred in most price points other than the "Under 120K" crowd. ($121,000, $178,000, and $271,000) Remember though, the majority of 3rd quarter sales were in the under 100K price range.

No Hide-A-Way Hills home sale for the 4th Quarter of 2008 involved bank owned properties.

No lot parcels were recorded as sold.

60% of all homes transferred in Hide-A-Way Hills, Ohio in the 4th quarter involved myself, Belinda Augustus Real Living HER. I'd like the opportunity to show you why!

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