Hide-A-Way Hills January 2009 Winter Ice Storm Update

Most of the Hills lost power early Wednesday morning. Many phones and internet services have been on and off since Wednesday afternoon, and most lost phones and internet services late Thursday night.

It is now 3:39 Friday afternoon and my 569 phone exchange and net services are back for now. Electricity has not been restored.

Click on the Photo! The detail is worth a look.

Trees are still falling, and services that were restored may be taken back out by the debris. Our Maintenance crew have the roads looking great and passable, however many trees and large branches are still falling as I type.

Be sure to to check back as I have been taking photos of the damage, the repairs, and of the gorgeous backdrop this storm has left behind. If I have to be stranded with no power along with limited telephone and internet services, Hide-A-Way Hills, Ohio sure is one of the most beautiful places to do so.