Energy Efficient Improvements Qualify for Tax Credits

Ready to save a bit of cash on increasing energy costs? Over the next two years is the prime time to add those improvements to your home, since 30% of those qualified home improvements will also save you cash on your federal tax liability up to $1,500.

Qualified improvements include:

Exterior Windows and Skylights
Storm Windows
Exterior Doors
Storm Doors
Roofing Material
Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling System
Water Heaters
Bio-Mass Stoves

There are requirements for obtaining the tax credit including:

-Certain energy efficient levels
-All items must be placed into service between 1-1-09 through 12-31-2010
-Credit qualifications included primary residences only, although their are a few exceptions for vacation and rental investments
-Required paperwork (save receipts)

For more information, be sure to see the Department of Energy's Web Site.