Hide-A-Way Hills NEWEST AMENITY - The Organic Garden

The very reason Hide-A-Way Hills is desirable as a resort getaway, is one detrimate to our HAH Members with a green thumb. Most Hide-A-Way Hills homes and cabins are typically on wooded and sloped land, so many lots just will not support a garden.  Faced with the terrain challenges, and a desire to provide their families with organic local food options, 20 families in HAH have developed the Hide-A-Way Hills Community Organic Garden located on land owned by the Membership of Hide-A-Way Hills Club affectionately known as Area 54.   Their first year mission plan is to provide the 20 involved families with wholesome options, but they have also pledged enough surplus crops to include donations to an area food pantry along with contracting a deal with our very own Hide-A-Way Hills Lodge to provide fresh herbs and vegetables for this year's Summer and Fall menus.  That last fact alone makes their new project of the organic garden an attractive new amenity for our community.

The garden is located on one acre where they're utilizing Square Foot gardening techniques with wide row beds.

Their own butterfly gardens help attract the busy workers of pollination.

Of course many supplies were needed to begin this project, so a very large thank you goes to Panacea Products for their generous donations of fence posts, arbors, cages,  decorative items, and most importantly, agreement with their mission.  The families paid a $50 membership and held two chicken dinner fundraisers to help cover additional expenses.

Media inquiries for more information on the Hide-A-Way Hills Community Organic Garden should be made to Jan Ptacin, 740-569-9080.