Utilities and Services in the Hills

  • Electric is supplied by South Central Power.
  • All homes have a private well.
  • All homes have a private sanitation system. (septic)
  • Both cable and satellite television service is available.
  • High speed Internet is available through DSL lines or cable.
  • Cell service is spotty in some areas of the Hills, but service is adequate for text messaging.
  • There are no natural gas lines in Hide-A-Way Hills. Homes are heated with electric or propane.
  • There is no trash pick-up in Hide-A-Way Hills. Residents may use 2 centrally located dumpster locations.

Local Phone Numbers

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Poindexter said...

Is digital cable avalable in Hide a Way Hills or road runner internet?

Belinda Augustus-HER Real Living 740-689-8305 said...

No, unfortunately, neither digital cable nor cable access Internet is available at this time.

Hide-A-Way Hills originally was serviced by Adelphia Cable before they took a nose dive. Time Warner has taken over the old Adelphia service area, but has not yet upgraded the equipment in HAH. Some estimates have indicated equipment will not be upgraded until the end of 2008. HAH Utility Committee chairman expects to have more information in the coming months.

Paul said...

What are the roads like at HaH, additionally what about snow/ice removal? I would think considering the monthly assessment fee, it is pretty good.

Belinda Augustus-Real Living HER 740-689-8305 said...

Hi Paul,

Not only is it pretty good, I'd say it's down right AWESOME compared to the stories I've seen of the recent news coming out of Columbus following this latest ice storm.

Once you enter the gates of Hide-A-Way Hills, you're on private roads which means our maintenance staff has to care for all of the road repair including snow and ice removal. Our roads are not paved, but rather a chip and seal process. All of the re-surfacing occurs in the summer months which allows the maintenance crew to apply their "roads" focus to snow/ice removal.
Some of our homes certainly need four-wheel drives to negotiate the driveways in the winter months, but our roads, especially having just been through a winter storm, look great.

Personally, I was able to drive a front wheel drive vehicle for my first 5 years in Hide-A-Way Hills and never had issues getting stuck. However to temper that, when bad weather hits, most clients didn't want to drive here anyways, so I really didn't have to go out on the roads in the snow. My family also did have another 4-wheel drive vehicle for emergencies.

To sum it up, when speaking of the roads themselves one finds driving and the hassles of snow/ice no worse, and typically better, than living in a large metro city. At least that's my take from what I can see on the news. (smile)

Of course, my thoughts and ideas are but one view of my personal experience with Hide-A-Way Hills.

Thanks for your question, Paul. This information most likely should be in a daily post so other readers will be sure not to miss.

Belinda Augustus-Real Living HER 740-689-8305 said...

Quick-Pics-Winter-Road contains a couple of winter road pictures taken 48 hours after a major ice storm.

Belinda Augustus-Real Living HER 740-689-8305 said...

As promised, I have a bit more information on Hide-A-Way Hills and Time Warner. At this time there is no money in Time Warner's budget for Hide-A-Way Hills equipment upgrades, but possibly with a large number of people willing to express interest in services, they would reconsider. If not, Time Warner says it'll be 2009 before money is available to upgrade our current equipment.