Quick Pics -Winter - Security- Part 2

In thinking about the services provided by the Hide-A-Way Hills Security team, I quickly realize how often their services may be overlooked. While the first and most obvious duty of monitoring our front guest gates is apparent, Security also performs many other duties which provide Hide-A-Way Hills Members peace of mind as they work to make our community such a convenient place to live.

1-There is no package delivery in Hide-A-Way Hills, yet UPS, FedEx, Parcel Post, DHL, florists, and various other courier and package deliveries arrive at the HAH front gates daily. Security accounts for all packages, signs for their acceptance, and logs them for the day. Phone calls are made to notify Members. This is a very appreciated feature if you're going to be out of town for a few days or in inclement weather.

2-There is no trash pick-up in Hide-A-Way Hills. All trash is discarded in one of our two community locations. Security is reponsible for making sure dumpsters are compacted and prepared to take on any new discards.

3-Security patrols all Hide-A-Way Hills amenities assuring their smooth operation.

4-Security will run house checks when requested.

5-Security patrols our Lake of Four Seasons, the largest body of water which allows powerboating in Ohio that does not have an ODNR water patrol on duty. Most lakes have regular patrols. With their own Security force, Hide-A-Way Hills Club is able to patrol their own lake.

6-Hide-A-Way Hills Security is usually first on the scene in any emergency. When a Logan 911 dispatcher receives a call from a citizen in need who is located in HAH, the call is dispatched to Sugar Grove, Bremen, or Logan fire departments. The dispatcher will immediately coordinate with Security the most effective route to the home and provide details of the emergency. Our Security is available to provide any assistance with home locations, provide road closings, re-route traffic, or be of any general assistance at the scene.

7. After spending some time talking with a handful of our Security officers, various other tales began to unfold. Some I found of interest are the stories related to wildlife removal. Security has been ask to assist by running off raccoons, bats, or even to investigate strange "baby cries coming from the woods".

Without a doubt, Security is that extra little hand that's easy to take for granted for both conveniences and emergencies in Hide-A-Way Hills.

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