What does A Typical Hide-A-Way Hills Buyer Hope to Find?

Over the last several months, I've posted a couple of articles describing the typical U.S home buyer along with profiling a typical second home buyer. Since these stats are nationwide, and while they include communities such as Hide-A-Way Hills, large coastal areas can easily skew the data for inland communities such as ours.

What about Hide-A-Way Hills? What is the average buyer hoping to find?

As we have already discussed, Hide-A-Way Hills is Diverse in Housing Age, Size and Style. As a result, the typical home shopper in Hide-A-Way Hills is also diverse.

Many purchase in Hide-A-Way Hills for various reasons including the golf course, the lakes, the beach, and Security. The pool, tennis courts, and stables seem to be nice to know that we have, but not a major factor in purchase.

Hide-A-Way Hills home buyers can easily be divided into 3 groups: full time residency, part time residency, or raw lots. Let's take a look at a typical profile of each.

Once again, full time residency buyers are diverse. Many are hoping to find a flat secluded lot with a garage and/or plenty of storage. Minimal stairs, an alternative heat source such as a fireplace or woodburner, maintenance free exteriors, minimal yard work, large open great rooms with updated kitchen combinations, large windows, hardwood floors, and vaulted or high ceilings often appear on the "Home must Have List". Hoping to find something with that rustic lodge feel is one of the most common request from buyers.

Part time residency buyers can often be divided into 2 profiles, the Fixer Upper Buyer, or the No-Repairs, Show me the Amenities Buyer. The Fixer Upper crowd usually already have a full time residence in town that is already remodeled and updated. As a result many are looking to find another project. This buyer prefers to buy below market and place work equity into the investment which they intend on enjoying before realizing any returns through a sale. The second profile, the No-Repairs Buyer, hopes to find minimal repair, contemporary features, and often prefers the cabin furnished. Fireplace, wood floors, open great rooms, and lots of windows top the list of requests.

Typical lot buyer's often request larger secluded parcels with relatively flat terrain.

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