Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My!

Okay, maybe not lions and tigers, but Hocking County residents report the sighting of two black bears thought to be "Momma and Cub".
Momma and Cub have been sighted twice in areas north of Logan. The bears broke their way into a chicken coop, eating 18 eggs, and carried a beehive into the woods presumably to snack on the honey.

Black bears are common in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and are the most common bear in the United States. Sightings of black bears have been on the rise here in Ohio ranging from 38 sightings in 1996 to 165 sightings in 2002 according to ODNR. Residents have little to fear however, game warden Troy Reimund tells the Logan Daily Newspaper, "We've never had attacks on people in Ohio".

Further research by Virtual Assistant, Carrie Augustus, indicates that there has been at least one bear attack which occurred in Ashtabula County, Ohio. The attack was not fatal. The attacking bear was a captive bear with known aggressive tendencies that escaped it's pen at a supposed "wildlife habitat", and was shot fleeing the scene.

Black bears are an endangered species, therefore it is unlawful to harm or kill a black bear. The author wonders why anyone would hurt such a majestic creature but if the bears become a nuisance on your property, please call 1-800-WILDLIFE to make a report with Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Personally, I am one who would be excited to see them, but remember, residents are advised to enjoy bears from a distance as they are wild animals.

Quick Facts about Bears

Bears live up to 20+ years in the wild and range anywhere between 150 to 300 pounds!

A Bears' vision is remarkably close to that of humans!

Bears hibernate from early October until mid spring!

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Photo thanks to National Geographic

Submitted by Carrie Augustus
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hammer head said...

How did they know that the bear took 18 eggs if she ate them? Did the Hocking County Sheriffs interrogate the chickens?

Carrie Augustus - Virtual Assistant said...

While I certainly wouldn't question our 'illustrious' Sheriff's Department on the logic of interrogating chickens, I don't doubt that they tried. :)