New North End Park OPEN

A long overlooked area of the Hills receives a new face lift.

The new North Park area is open and has received several upgrades.

Member Bob Delay, chairman of the project, reports that picnic tables were built, new canoe and kayak storage racks were constructed for seasonal use, a canoe dock was installed, bridges added, and new gravel has been placed on both the driveway and new paths. The work is about 65% complete with another work day scheduled for June 16th, 2007.

Be sure to stop by to appreciate all the volunteers hard work. It's sure to be well received by Members when looking at yet one more spot to enjoy the environment of HAH.


Weekender said...

I went to check out the north end of the park, it looks great! Really nice improvement for people with kayaks and canoes. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Belinda if you take this off, you will now show me that are part of the problem in HAH.
My comment is "now they want to turn North Park into a silt holding pond."
We need more long range planning and less JIT knee-jerk crisis management.