7 Tips for Selling a Home

The seven tips come from an analysis of academic research, multiple listings service data, and from information posted on Redfin’s various Web sites.

1. Don't overprice your property.

2. Set your price to show up in Web searches. Because real estate sites filter on price in $25,000 or $50,000 increments, listings priced at or below these thresholds — $250,000 rather than $251,000, or $325,000 rather than $326,000 — get as much as 7.1 percent more online visits.

3. Debut on Friday.

4. Get engaged with your agent. Motivated active sellers are able to sell their property as much as 30 percent faster.

5. Market the property online. Promoting a listing on Web sites beyond the local Multiple Listing Service can drive a significant number of new online visits to a property.

6. Stay put. A study of 3,490 listings found that vacant homes were 9.5 percent more likely to undergo a price reduction.

7. Wait to list your property until neighboring foreclosures are off the market.