Recycling in Hide-A-Way Hills?

While giving tours over the past years, I am asked often about recycling in Hide-A-Way Hills. I am embarrassed to admit that Hide-A-Way Hills as a community fails to take on the task nor provides any opportunity to recycle within the community. Even our own Lodge and Golf Course facilities fail to recycle. But, don't let that keep you adding to our overtaxed landfills.

Here's a couple of options for those who wish to recycle.

The Marion County Community Center at 30737 Logan Horns Mill Rd (740-385-3100)welcomes recyclables on the first Saturday of every month from 9am until 1pm (Except in July due to the Holiday) or daily at the Logan Recycling Center SR 93 North, Logan Ohio. (740-954-5312)

The following are accepted:

- stacked neatly in paper grocery bags

Mixed Paper - copy paper, junk mail, non glossy colored paper. Place in grocery sacks.

Magazine catalogs - Place in grocery sacks.

Paperboard/Cardboard - cereal boxes, cracker boxes, pop cartons, etc. Flatten and place in grocery sacks.

Aluminum cans/catfood cans - rinse and place in grocery sacks.

Scrap Aluminum - foil, pie pans, and other scraps free of food.

Tin/steel food cans - rinse and place in grocery sacks. Labels do not need to be removed.

Glass - rinse, remove caps, and separate by color. Labels need not be removed.

Plastics - #1 and #2 plastics only which are typically small mouth containers such as milk, pop, shampoo and detergent.

Sure would be nice to recycle closer to home, but at least there are some alternatives.