7 Inexpensive Ways to Create Appeal in a Week-end Retreat

First impressions can make or break a buyer's opinion of your home. These ideas are inexpensive to complete and are certainly worth your efforts.

1- Trim trees and shrubbery away from walk-ways, decks, and roofs. Overgrown branches hide a home’s good looks.

2- Remove all those late falling leaves off the decks. They are unsightly to view, scream maintenance to prospects, and stain your decks or concrete walks.

3- Powerwash the siding, decks, and patios. Power washing gets rid of all the winter grunge.

4- Plant annuals. Color brightens up the area.

5- Fill the bird feeders and add a salt/mineral block for the deer. The wildlife is one large reason people are anxious to visit the Hocking Hills.

6- Hang a hammock. It suggests life is easy.

7- Use an air freshener. Homes closed up for the winter months trap smells that buyer's notice with their first step in the door.

For more ideas, or to discuss placing your home on the market, feel free to give me a call. 740-438-1364