Eastern Towhee - Spring Chatter in Hide-A-Way Hills, Ohio

While showing homes and cabins in Hide-A-Way Hills, Ohio this past week-end, I heard a whistle which sounded as if sombody was attempting to garner my attention.

(Click on photo for larger view)

After glancing around a bit, I found my secret caller tucked in one of the bushes outside my home. I believe it to be the Eastern Towhee and have attempted to identify based on its call. While towhees have various calls, here's this little creature's very loud call which I heard Saturday.

In an earlier winter post, I believe I may have mistakenly identified this bird as the Spotted Towhee. I suppose it was an easy mistake since the two species were actually considered the same bird until 1995. At this time, I'm just not sure now.

Any ornithologist out there that can lend a comment to its identification?