Hide-A-Way Hills 2011 Dock Space

The opportunity to apply at no additional charge for the use of a dock on the Lake of Four Seasons is enjoyed by Members of Hide-A-Way Hills. These docks, however, are assigned on a first come first served basis. Once issued a dock, as long as the required paperwork is turned in by the deadline, a member can retain the use of the dock year after year. In essence, when there is a waiting list, it is a one time waiting list as long as you send in the required information each year.

At the time of this posting,  according to Hide-A-Way Hills Club office, there are 25 members on the Dock Waiting List.  (Updated 10-24-2011)

Those Members who had a dock the last season are given a deadline to turn in required paperwork which would include proof of insurance for the boating season and proof of title.

While many understand the first requirement is for all of our protection, the second demonstrates how the Members of HAH keep the number of watercraft limited on the lake. Uncle Joe's boat is very nice, but our 100 acre lake can't handle all of our friends and relatives watercraft.

Docks are automatically assigned to those Members who had received dock space the previous year, and requested and submitted the required paperwork. The dock spaces that are not requested by the previous year's dock holders will be assigned from the waiting list on a first come first serve basis. The sooner one is on the list, the sooner one receives dock space.

New Members can call right from the closing to get on the waiting list as it is not required to have the watercraft at the time of requesting a dock.

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