Hide-A-Way Hills, Ohio Watercraft Stickers

All watercraft, boat trailers, and private docks must be properly identified. Proper identification consists of member’s lot number - numbers must be in accordance with the State of Ohio (3”) or greater in height, affixed on both sides of the watercraft, close to the stern and below any boat cover; and the current Club registration sticker affixed to the outside front tip of the port side (left) pontoon or the port (left) front side of all other watercraft. In all cases the Club registration sticker is to be visible when the boat cover is in place. No watercraft or boat trailers will be permitted within Hide-A-Way Hills without such identification. All lakefront lot docks shall be properly identified with numbers at least 3 inches in height. Proper identification consists of the lot number, corresponding to boat registration, affixed on the dock facing the lake.