Hide-A-Way Hills Kicks-Off its Week of 50th Anniversary Activities!

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Hide-A-Way Hills Community, volunteers have worked tirelessly to arrange daily/nightly activities for the next two week-ends, and nightly events running each night this week, ending next Sunday with our own Security Guard, The Scott Barnes Band closing the ceremonies.   The volunteers have arranged Art Shows, Bands, Boat Parades, Amenity Open Houses, Children's Activities and more. The Annual Dam Jam will be a focal point of the festivities with music being Provided by Date Night Disaster.

Tonight's kick off begins with a Carrillon Bell Concert and Art Show. Hide-A-Way Hills has been fortunate to host Bill and Mona White of "Chime Master" in the past.   Here's a quick preview of what one might expect to see this evening which was shot a couple years ago when we were fortunate to have them visit 

Tomorrow's events host Studio Tours, a Golf Scramble, an Oragnic Garden Open House, a Barn Open House, a Teen Night, and a 4 Member String band providing entertainment for all ages at the Lodge  Members should refer to their brochure for times, or drop me a note, I'll be happy to share my schedule. 

Hope to see you around the Hills this next week.