Why Must I Register to View the Listings?

In response to a comment left at HAHBlog.BlogSpot.com, I thought it might be best to discuss the new registration process at:


Anonymous said...

Sad that I couldn't look at all of the listings without having to sign up for an account. I didn't used to have to do that. :(

Belinda Augustus-Resort and Second Home Property Specialist, Gorsuch Realty 740-438-1364 said... (EDITED)

I'm sorry you do not prefer the new registration process at

There are numerous sites that do allow a customer unlimited search capabilities without registering.   In thinking about those sites, I searched several area Realtor's sites this morning. The results show that ALL allow unregistered access to the listings.

However, in my search, I found:

1-One offering 30+ listings that are not actually found in the Hills, and 4 HAH home listings were missing.

2-One offering access to listings with no pre-defined searches for you.

3-One offering a link to an MLS search on their competitors site. (That's just silly from a marketing stand point.)

4-One with not only what I believe to be unethical, but also possibly against MLS rules by showing homes of other agents without telling you they are listed with other agents.

I work very hard to be sure to provide the most ACCURATE information, so I hope Buyer clients looking to purchase in Hide-A-Way Hills would like the site, but I also have to protect the interest of my actual clients.  Another agent's client being "tipped" to a home by me, hurts my clients interest. Those clients working with another agent are not blocked from viewing listings. They are only ask to identify who they are, and to disclose if they are already working with another agent. 

Those not working with an agent certainly would have more features, services, and "advice" from me including the wisdom of limiting the amount of real estate information their real estate agent publishes to the general public.

Enjoy the Day!