Home Value Estimator - Waterfront Adds Most Value $$$$$ What about Other Amenities?

Here's a fun little tool which can be used to estimate average housing costs based on a model developed by the NAHB. The estimator will calculate the average price of a home with various features in different parts of the country. By changing the age, features, location and other inputs, the model can be used to estimate how a particular amenity tends to impact the price of a single family detached home.

Note: You must have MS Excel installed with the security set no higher than medium.

National Home Builder's Home Estimator

Some estimator findings of interest include:

  • Homes in the midwest region located on water valued on average 43% more than the same home not located on water. Homes located near water received a 7% boost in value.

  • Homes in the midwest region located in a gated community valued on average 6% more than the same home not located in a gated community.

  • Homes that had community amenities such as clubhouse and walking trails were give an increase of 4% in value for the amenities.

  • However, find a location near water with a clubhouse in a gated community and we see over 21% increase in value of the same home without the searched features.
Unfortunately, the estimator didn't allow me to search by including 24 hour Security, a 9-Hole Golf Course, a Pool, a Stable, a Lodge and much more.

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