The ABC's of Hide-A-Way Hills, OH

A is for Association. Hide-A-Way Hills Club is the same as a Home Owner's Association.

B is for Beach. Hide-A-Way Hills Beach is open year round and serves as a nice spot to picnic with family and friends.

C is for Chapel in the Pines. Hide-A-Way Hills has its own outdoor chapel with services on Sunday morning from Memorial to Labor Day. All are invited to attend.

D is for Docks. All Members have the opportunity to sign up for the use of a Club dock.

E is for Eagles. Kessler's Swamp located across from Hide-A-Way Hills has been home to bald eagles in the past. Members keep an eye out for their return.

F is for Finches. Whether yellow or purple, both take up residence in Hide-A-Way Hills.

G is for Golf. Hide-A-Way Hills has its own private 9-hole Golf Course. Membership is automatic to land owners and does not require an additional expense to join.

H is for Horses. Hide-A-Way Hills Stables house private Member's horses in the community.

I is for Invitation Consider this your invitation to visit the area of Hide-A-Way Hills.

J is for Jam Hide-A-Way Hills Annual Dam Jam is one of the largest events in the Hills. Members gather together for food and music at the foot of the dam as the meet new Members and visit with the old.

K is for Kayaks and Canoes Kayaks and canoes can be spotted on various lakes in Hide-A-Way Hills. Currently, there are Canoe and Kayak racks located on Lake Eagle Claw and the Lake of Four Seasons. First Come, First Serve.

L is for Lakes. Hide-A-Way Hills contains 6 lakes and a farm pond.

M is for Microbrewery. Hide-A-Way Hills brews their own micro brew at the Lodge. Members may enjoy a glass at the Clubhouse, at the Lodge, or it is also available to take home by the jug.

N is for Night Being located outside of the city lights, night hours allow Members to enjoy the darkness of the forest and the ability to see the nighttime stars.

O is for Owls Living in the city, I never really saw an owl other than at a zoo. Hide-A-Way Hills is home to parliaments of owls.

P is for Pool Hide-A-Way Hills pool is open from Memorial to Labor Day and requires no extra charge for Members to use for the Summer.

Q is for Quad Track Hide-A-Way Hills has an all terrain vehicle track for mini-bikes, ATV, and the likes.

R is for Restaurants. Hide-A-Way Hills has 2 restaurants on the property, Hide-A-Way Hills Lodge, and the Golf Course Clubhouse.

S is for Security. Hide-A-Way Hills gated community has 24 hour Security Guards on staff.

T is for Tennis. Hide-A-Way Hills has 2 tennis courts with overhead lighting.

U is for You. The only thing missing from beginning your HAH memories is You!

V is for Volunteers Hide-A-Way Hills has the best volunteer crew a community could ever hope to have. As a result of their numerous volunteer hours, our community as accomplished many upgrades along with much needed maintenance to many of our facilities

W is for Wildlife. Animals as well as Members make Hide-A-Way Hills their home. A wide range of woodland animals can be found in the Hills along with flora which is unique to this area.

X is for X-Marks the Spot Hide-A-Way Hills Shooting Range allows marksman an opportunity for target practice and trap shoots.

Y is for Young Children at the Playground Through a generous donation, HAH children and guests can enjoy the newly updated playground at the front Hide-A-Way Hills gate.

Z is for Zero. As in the number of times you'll find yourself caught in a traffic jam in Hide-A-Way Hills.